10 Gift Ideas for Family & Friends Under $20

Gift ideas

With the holiday season around the corner, you might have an eye out for gifts for family and friends. Gifts are not only a tradition but also a token of your appreciation and love. Finding the right gift for someone can be hard, but it’s wonderful to see the expression of joy on their faces when they open your present! 

Here’s a list of unique gift ideas under $20 that are sure to help you with your shopping!

1. Jewelry

Customised Jewelry

Everyone from little girls to older women loves jewelry. It’s perfect and long-lasting, and they will surely think of you every time they wear the piece! But, nice jewelry can be expensive. For inexpensive, affordable jewelry, Pictures On Gold is what we’d recommend. It has a storehouse of lockets, rings, bracelets, horoscope jewelry, and more. You can make it personal and go for customized jewelry too. They have several trendy options that set them apart, and this holiday season, you should give them a shot.

Shop now, and you could get a discount of up to 75% on jewelry and gifts for loved ones.

2. Photos

Photo frames

Photos are a way to capture moments forever. They’re almost a way of time travel. Gifting someone printed photos is a wonderful way to show how much you love them. The price range for this gift varies, depending on how many photos you want to be printed, but giving someone printed photos will allow them to stick them on their walls, and forever look back at special memories. Photos can be printed out at local pharmacies and even at Costco.

You can get photos printed on calendars starting from $9.99 at Costco Photo Center. You could also choose printed greeting cards that would amount to $13.99 for 50. Get photo books starting at $19.99 only.

3. Movies


There is no better holiday entertainment than a pleasant movie. Buying someone their favorite holiday movie or just a year-round movie pack will allow them to watch their favorite movie anywhere, anytime. They will also think of you fondly every time they play that movie.

You can purchase your first movie from Vudu and get a 30% discount. You could also get a set of 4 movies for just $14.99.

4. Skincare

Dermalogica power cleansing duo

Healthy, glowing skin is something everyone desires. Help your friend or family member get one step closer to accomplishing their skin goals by gifting them a skincare item. This can be a few facemasks or even a kit with cleansers and face washes!

Get one pack of Watermelon Sleeping Mask from Ulta for $16. You could also get the Dermalogica Power Cleanse Duo for a mere $19.

5. Candle Making Kits

Candle making kit

Candles are a part of the holiday season, and making your candle is a fun activity that allows one to customize it, adding another layer of thoughtfulness to your gift. Making candles can also be a therapeutic experience, and you could pour your creativity into it. Candle making kits can be found easily at craft and departmental stores.

Visit Walmart and get a complete candle making kit for just $18.95.

6. Disposable Cameras

Fujifilm disposable cameras

Film photography has become incredibly popular among all age groups, and disposable cameras are a perfect gift for beginners. Not only for photography fanatics but also for just about anyone else. Disposable cameras are a spectacular way to capture memories. Moreover, getting your film developed and seeing how your photos turned out is quite interesting and a lot of fun. The film effect that you see in your pictures through the use of these cameras is so unique!

You can find the Fujifilm 35mm disposable camera at Walmart for just $14.98.

7. Bluelight Glasses

Blue light glasses

Electronic screens can not only be monotonous, but also cause health complications like weak eyesight, neck pain, and more. With everything being virtual this year, blue light glasses are a terrific gift and incredibly thoughtful. Not only are they practical and functional, but they can also be used as accessories, as they’re found in so many styles!

Save 28% on vintage, round-rim blue light blocking glasses from Amazon and get them for just $14.44 and avail of free shipping.

8. Selfie Ring Lights

Selfie ring lights

Keeping with the same theme, selfie ring lights are perfect for this virtual year. These little handy lights are extremely functional, and can be clipped on to your phone or laptop, and will keep you looking your best in zoom meetings!

Get a rechargeable, clip-on ring light for your online work meetings or classes from Walmart at 32% off for just $8.48.

9. Trinkets

Trinket bowl

Tiny little trinkets that cost just a few dollars are a perfect way to take your gift to the next level. Suitable for all ages and genders, these tiny gifts are a wonderful and unique way to show your love to someone. Make a thoughtful of all these little trinkets and you could make your loved one’s day!

Since hand sanitizers are a hot commodity, buy the animal keychain hand sanitizers at 25% off for only $3 at Urban Outfitters. Pair that with a hard shell AirPods case at a discount of 72% for $4.99.

10. Giftcards

Amazon Pay gift card

Although overused and basic, gift cards are perfect for that one person who’s too hard to shop for. Giving a gift card is practical and ensures that your friend or family will love the gift they end up purchasing with your gift card. To make things a little special, you could gift them a card to a special place like a special cafe, or even a bookstore, rather than Amazon or Walmart. But even these basic ones will surely be used and appreciated.

So, there you have a plethora of ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Make the best out of these ideas and use them to make your family and friends feel loved. Don’t forget to buy something for yourself, too. Happy holidays!


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