10 Cool Spy Gadgets

spy gadgets

If you are enamored by James Bond movies and wish to dabble in spy gadgets, you should consider doing some research on the latest professional spy equipment before buying any. Geekbuying has myriad choices to buy from. With a Geekbuying discount code from Don’tPayAll, you can enjoy unbelievable price-cuts on a wide variety of latest gadgets like drones, spy cameras, and smartwatches.

Here are some of the top 10 cool spy gadgets that you can consider adding to your shopping cart:

1. Hidden Spy Camera Pen:

Perhaps one of the most commonly used technical devices for spying purposes is the secret camera that is hidden from prying eyes and captures images that you can use as evidence later. The idea is to use such cameras so stealthily that nobody is aware of getting caught on cam. A popular spy cam in the market is the Inspiratek hidden spy camera pen equipped to take pictures and record videos. This gadget is a must-buy because of its attractive features that include a continuous 1080P video recording for up to 75 minutes, high-resolution photo capability, and one-button design.

hidden spy camera pen

Visit Amazon to buy the Spy Camera Pen by Inspiratek with a 1080P HD clip-on body camera and 32 GB memory card. Get it for just $35.63.

2. Spy Smartwatch:

Cool spy watches act as excellent spy gadgets for kids and you can get these at Amazon for reasonable prices with Amazon coupon codesThe DigiKuber touchscreen watch is one such trendy-looking spy watch that not only tells you the right time but also allows you to spy secretly. It is equipped to perform audio and video recordings, and capture photographs. It has an invisible hidden button design and is backed by 260 mAh Lithium battery. It comes in a sleek, elegant but discreet design and guarantees impeccable video quality.

DigiKuber touchscreen spy smartwatch

Get the amazing DigiKuber touchscreen spy smartwatch from Amazon for just $89.99.

3. RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses:

Is it enough to buy spy gadgets online for spying on others only? No, it is not enough because while spying, you also need to make sure you are not being spied upon. You may be worried that you are being followed and it is not possible for you to watch your back all the time. In such times, you are going to need a gadget that can alert you in case someone is following you or a device that can inform you about what is going on behind you. This is a useful spy accessory to have because it makes sure you stay safe. These rearview spy sunglasses lets you look ahead smartly while providing you with a glimpse of the back at the same time.

RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses

If you are looking to get your hands on a pair of spy sunglasses, try the aviator style rearview mirror sunglasses at Amazon for only $10.99.

4. SJ RC Quadcopter Drone:

This is an F11 GPS 5G WiFi RC quadcopter drone that can fly above and take images or record videos. You can control the drone’s movement using your smartphone. For this, you must download an app and connect the Wi-Fi to the signal. Wherever the drone moves and what it sees can now be seen on your smartphone. You can find a wide range of quadcopters for efficient spying at Gearbest. Gearbest promo codes can help you fetch exciting deals. This SJ RC quadcopter drone is fitted with a high-resolution cam, a headless mode, brushless motor, GPS assisted flights, a 120-degree wide-angle camera, and a high-end battery. Not only is the camera of superior quality but also very easy to maneuver.


Order the black FPV RC Drone Flight Quadcopter available at 25% off only at Gearbest.

5. Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker:

The benefits of a GPS tracker are endless, especially when you have seniors at home or very young kids. This effective tracker tool is known for its hardy construction and superior efficiency. You may use the tool both outdoors and indoors. It makes use of the latest LTE network or the high-end 4G lightning network. This feature enables you to view real-time locations through your mobile phones, computers, and online apps 24×7.

GPS Tracker

Track all of your vehicles through the Family1st Vehicle GPS Tracker, currently available at Amazon on 25% off.

6. COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earphones:

Are you keen to use earphones for spying on a person? If so, this device can be just what you are looking for. It is a small compact earpiece that works as a wireless receiver. The device allows you to hear the voices of the people you are spying on extremely clearly. The best part about using these mini hidden spy earpieces is that they work with almost every device, support phone calls, and MP3 and FM signals, and work on an electromagnetic inductive signal. The device is small in size, easy to wear and hide, and completely safe.

COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earphones

Try the mini hidden spy earphones for $134.86 available at Walmart.

7. Lovell Data Destruct Eraser:

Not everyone knows how to format his computer’s hard drive. Moreover, if you are looking for a deep reformatting of the external and local hard drives and you want a highly secure data-destruction method, you have to opt for devices like the Destruct Data Eraser. It uses military-grade eraser techniques to wipe out all data and even confidential files inside the system so that these can never be recovered. It can be the perfect tool to have if you wish to keep your private information away from prying eyes.

Lovell Data Destruct Eraser

It is also super affordable. Buy it today for just $28.99 from Amazon.

8. AMCXSH USB Charger Camera:

Have you ever thought how useful it would be if we could use our USB adapters as cameras to view on our laptops and smartphones? It is possible with the AMCXSH USB charger camera which has a 32GB SD card built into it for seamless and easy recording and storage. This USB charger camera has a motion detection feature, loop recording facilities, 1080p HD hidden cam, and a true wall charger.

Black AMCXSH USB Charger Camera

Buy it for just $29.99 from Amazon.

9. JMDHKK Anti Spy RF Detector:

This device is a must-have when you want to be sure you do not have any spy gadgets stalking and monitoring your activities. You will be alerted about spy gadgets in or around you that other people may have installed to keep an eye on you. This gadget is capable of detecting all kinds of wireless or wired hidden spy devices, radio waves, and magnetic wave gadgets.

JMDHKK Anti Spy RF Detector

Try this Anti-RF spying detector for $56.87. Get it from Sears and avail free shipping on your purchase.

10. Spy Bolt Convert

This spy gadget comes in a striking design. This unassuming compact product seems to be an upgraded version of the Russian dead drop hollow which the KGB used during the Cold War. The hollow bolt has a capacity to conceal 2.8 cubic inches volume; so when you spy on someone, you can easily hide bills, money, or other important things inside the bolt without risks of it being stolen. So, this device works like a secret container that offers waterproof storage in an ingenious design.

Spy Bolt Convert

Order this amazing spy bolt convert at 50% off from Walmart at $24.79.

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